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David “Rickety Cricket” Hornsby is headed to New Girl

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Freed, however briefly, from his purgatory as The Gang’s resident punching bag (or an even worse fate, anchoring a quickly forgotten single-season sitcom on CBS), It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphias David Hornsby is taking a guest role on an upcoming episode of New Girl.

Hornsby—devoid for once of scars, crutches, and that make-up job that makes him look half-dead when he plays Rickety Cricket on Sunny—will serve as a new opponent for always-chipper teacher Jess Day (played by Hornsby’s real-life sister-in-law, Zooey Deschanel). According to TVLine, he’ll play the head of the parent’s council at Jess’ school, an imposing figure she desperately hopes to impress. (Fingers crossed that her plan to do so doesn’t involve getting him addicted to crack, or running him over with a car.)

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