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David Prowse banned from all Lucasfilm-related Star Wars events

Darth Vader’s body has been banned from all future Lucasfilm-sanctioned Star Wars conventions, according to Cinematical (via The Force). David Prowse, the actor who portrayed Vader’s bionic body in the original Star Wars trilogy, posted the news to his website last month stating he learned from organizers of Celebration V, taking place August 12-15 in Orlando, FL, that he was not to be invited, nor would he be invited for all future events. After inquiring into the decision, he claims he was told by Lucasfilm representatives that he had "burnt too many bridges” between Lucasfilm and himself. Prowse has notoriously opposed George Lucas over the years for his replacement of Prowse’s voice as Vader with James Earl Jones in the original trilogy, and for the casting of Sebastian Shaw as the unmasked Vader in Return Of The Jedi. This ban is a hit to Prowse’s mini-industry of autograph sales which he has used to fund arthritis and prostate cancer charities. Nevertheless, he still has a full schedule of conventions ahead which Lucasfilm does not control.

Celebration V is scheduled to feature such regular convention guests as Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Jeremy Bulloch, with a special appearance by George Lucas himself. Lucas not wanting Prowse in his sightlines will make Prowse’s absence a great disappointment to fans, whose only chance of any Darth Vader interaction at the event is at Jake Lloyd’s table.

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