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James Corden (left), Bob Odenkirk, David Oyelowo (Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS)

The promotional tour for Bob Odenkirk’s new Netflix film, Girlfriend’s Day, is bearing a surprising amount of comedic fruit for the one-time Mr. Show co-star and current Better Call Saul lead. His Late Show stop found him impersonating host Stephen Colbert in a fake clip for The Late Show: The Movie, while his appearance on last night’s Late Late Show episode took an alarming turn after Odenkirk was caught staring off into the distance during James Corden’s line of questioning. As the actor sullenly explained, he was upset that Corden hadn’t invited him to participate in the show’s most popular segment (and future streaming series in its own right) Carpool Karaoke. It’s not as if Odenkirk doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the bit: Sure, he can’t sing, but he can get into a car. And besides, as he explains, it’s 2017—couldn’t they just Auto-Tune the whole thing? Cue microphone, Reggie Watts, and a “Euro disco version” of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” that ends with fellow guest David Oyelowo crumpled up in a pile of exquisitely tailored cringing.

Odenkirk’s gleeful commitment to the bit—eyes widened in enthusiasm, left pointer finger extended to the heavens as if to indicate the song’s future position on the Billboard Hot 100—is the real attraction here. Maybe if Corden had handed him a megaphone, things would’ve turned out differently, and right now we’d be watching Odenkirk crooning about peanuts and Cracker Jack from the passenger seat of Corden’s automobile (driving it all day looooooooooong).



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