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It’s been ages since David O. Russell walked out on anything, leading some to question whether a David O. Russell that isn’t walking out is really a David O. Russell at all. But all is now right in the world: As we predicted when it was first announced, David O. Russell has walked out on the adaptation of popular video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, citing “creative differences.” No word yet on what those differences might be or whether this will affect the participation of Mark Wahlberg, whose attachment to the project seemed predicated on Russell directing. The two have been kicking around various other ideas for reteaming in the wake of The Fighter, with Uncharted being only one of several films they’ve been talking about making together—including Russell’s long-gestating adaptation of the Matthew Quick novel The Silver Linings Playbook, a film based on the 2006 documentary Cocaine Cowboys, and a Fighter sequel. The smart money would seem to be on Wahlberg following Russell out of the project as Sony pushes forward with a whole new script. So maybe the cause isn’t completely lost for Nathan Fillion after all?

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