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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Having recently sloughed off Pride And Prejudice And Zombies like a desiccated layer of gimmicky skin, David O. Russell has now signed on to the video-game adaptation Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune as his replacement tentpole project. According to the L.A. Times, Russell will write and direct the film based on the adventures of treasure-hunter Nathan Drake, translating his gunfight-filled island escapades from the clever homage to seedy Indiana Jones knock-offs that they are in the video game format into an actual seedy Indiana Jones knock-off.

Well, maybe not: After all, this is David O. Russell, the indie auteur who managed to subvert the traditional war movie with Three Kings, which suggests he could do the same here—perhaps by openly acknowledging that Drake does less “treasure hunting” than just slaughtering everyone he comes into contact with and stealing whatever they have lying around. Then again, his upcoming The Fighter has proved that Russell may be somewhat exhausted with the idea of being the “subversive guy” and wouldn’t mind just making a popcorn flick occasionally. But all this talk of what tone Russell plans to take is a trifle premature; we should probably give the guy the chance to walk out on it a few times first.


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