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David O. Russell also wants Jennifer Lawrence for another movie

Like a human Internet who has a way better chance of getting financing for its ideas, David O. Russell is currently fixated on Jennifer Lawrence—so much so that he’s just cast as her as the female lead in his newly announced film The Ends Of The Earth, only days after adding her to Shitty Shitty Bullshit: Step Up 2 The Shit.  Once the latter is finished, Lawrence will rejoin her Silver Linings Playbook director, again, on one of those seemingly annual films cobbled together out of various Oscar contenders: Russell will direct a script from Argo’s Chris Terrio for producer Harvey Weinstein, who tells Deadline he expects it to “be close to Django Unchained in terms of the epic size and budget,” wink wink, Vote Django. The film—which so far lacks any elderly French people or Abraham Lincoln—is another true-life tale for Russell, this one a love story about an oil tycoon who loses everything after he’s caught in an affair. Lawrence’s role is unspecified, but given that the film’s co-producers talk up Lawrence’s Playbook versatility, it seems safe to assume she’ll play a barrel of oil.


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