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Illustration for article titled David Milchs emThe Money/em adds Ray Liotta, Mamie Gummer, and a couple more actors

Ray Liotta,  Mamie Gummer (read: Meryl Streep's daughter), Billy Magnussen, and Rosemary Harris have all joined the already sprawling ensemble cast of David Milch’s new HBO drama, The Money. They join Nathan Lane, Brendan Gleeson, David Harewood, Laila Roberts, and Dominique McElligott, among others.


The Money tells the story of James Castman (Gleeson), a super-rich media mogul who uses his influence to push around his family, just like  super-rich media moguls are known to do. Liotta will play George Archer, a wealthy Wall Street tycoon who appears to be untouchable (but probably isn’t, knowing Milch). Gummer will play Tricia Castman, the old money daughter-in-law of Gleeson’s character who’ll probably have some dark secret that she’s been forced to keep quiet due to her family’s prominent position. Boardwalk Empire’s Patrick Kennedy will play her TV husband, John Castman.

Into The Woods prince Magnussen will play Greg Castman, the mogul's middle and favorite son. And Harris will play Ellen Knox, the smart and funny mother of James Castman's wife Ruth, who'll be played by Roberts.

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