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David Lynch's new short film is weird even by David Lynch standards

Remember that episode of Twin Peaks: The Return that sort of established an origin story for all of the show’s unhinged weirdness, with several sustained minutes of exposition-free black-and-white footage of an atomic bomb test followed by what seemed to be a depiction of otherwordly evil being birthed into our universe? Compared to the new short film that David Lynch premiered at his Festival Of Disruption event earlier this year, that episode of Twin Peaks might as well have been an episode of Young Sheldon. Titled “Ant Head,” the video is an uninterrupted 13-minute shot of ants swarming over a block of cheese carved into the shape of a human head. If that sounds entertaining to you and you’re excited to watch it, then you’re probably David Lynch and we’re honored that you’re reading The A.V. Club. For everyone else, here it is anyway:

The soundtrack to the video is a few tracks from a long-lost album called Thought Gang that Lynch made in the ‘90s with Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti. According to IndieWire, that album is set to be released this month, and this video should be a nice teaser for the occasionally ant-themed jazz music you’ll find on Thought Gang.


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