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David Lynch tends to come across like a very singular artist, the sort of creative genius that could only ever happen once, but thanks to online teaching platform MasterClass, we could have a whole new generation of weirdo David Lynch filmmakers to look forward to now. Today, MasterClass has announced that Lynch is joining up with the service to “Teach Creativity And Film, with MasterClass CEO David Rogier explaining in a press release that Lynch’s class will feature the Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks director as he “deconstructs his creative process and shares his approach to translating unique narratives into film and other art forms.” If that makes the process of creating something the way David Lynch does sound straightforward, than the two-minute trailer for Lynch’s MasterClass makes it sound positively easy:

See, creating the next Eraserhead is just a matter of casting out a line to catch your ideas and then daydreaming until something gets hooked. Then you write those ideas on 70 cards, and you have a movie. Or, if it’s not a movie, maybe it’s a painting? Either way, don’t give up creative control and break any rules that you need to break. You’ll have to go to this link and subscribe to the actual class to get the in-depth information from Lynch, but this seems like a good amount to go off of.


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