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David Lynch unveiling "secret room filled with music," not so much with movies

When he isn’t busy destroying families, David Lynch has been known to enjoy cutting a tune or two, from his self-composed “In Heaven” song for Eraserhead to his production work with artists like Julee Cruise and Chrysta Bell to his recent work on Dark Night Of The Soul and his “Good Day Today” maxi-single. Now it seems like music is all Lynch can focus on: According to a press release, he’s planning on totally revamping davidlynch.com, ditching his non-starter plans to use it to sell coffee and report the weather, and transforming it into a “immersive digital music store and experience”—though he’d prefer to call it, in appropriately Lynchian terms, a “secret room filled with music.”

The new site will launch “sometime” between 1:23 and 1:38 p.m. PT tomorrow, and will allow visitors to listen to and download selections from an archive of material released by the David Lynch Music Company, as well as stuff he’s done throughout the years with collaborators like the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me roadhouse band Fox Bat Strategy, Afghani-American singer Ariana Delawari, and perhaps most interesting of all, Lynch’s “esoteric jazz” album Thought Gang, cut with Angelo Badalamenti more than two decades ago.


And while that’s nice and all, one can’t help but wonder whether Lynch might also, you know, make another movie sometime soon. Lynch addressed that in an interview with the New York Times, saying, “Fans might start looking, but they will need a strong telescope to see it coming.” So in the meantime, enjoy this extended musical interlude, we guess.

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