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David Lynch says to knock it off with the Twin Peaks set photos

David Lynch is a director who doesn’t really like to talk about his work. He still refuses to explain how he made the Eraserhead baby, for example, among the many cryptic details from his films he’s managed to keep cryptic over the years. (He also probably never leaves the bathroom door open, because maintaining a sense of mystery is important in a relationship.) So we can only imagine how miserable contending with the internet hype-industrial complex—a climate in which details of upcoming shows are leaked practically one frame at a time—has been for the notoriously secretive Lynch on the set of Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival.

Thankfully for the director’s sanity, though, Twin Peaks fans are also slavishly devoted. To this end, Twin Peaks Archive, a fansite whose representatives previously posted breathless updates on everything from the art department at work to Big Ed’s butt, has posted the following notice:

All things must pass. Whilst up in Washington watching the filming of the new Twin Peaks, we heard through the grapevine that David Lynch was unpleased that fans were taking photos of the filming and uploading them to various sites on the internet. Even though everyone I witnessed was being courteous and staying on public sidewalks etc, apparently this was just too much for Lynch. So, we decided to abide by Mr. Lynch’s wishes. We will post stills of the filming process once the final episode of the series airs. I know many of you are disappointed by this, but hey, it is what it is.


This move is in response to a statement from Lynch and his co-creator Mark Frost calling for spoiler-free sanity on the Twin Peaks set that reads, “We’re so happy people are excited about being back to where it all began. Like any good mystery, it’s all supposed to be top secret, and would love it if everyone helped keep it that way!”

So…what else do you guys want to talk about?

[h/t Uproxx]

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