Like so many cryptic hints at the evil lurking beneath the seemingly idyllic façade of small-town America, the details of David Lynch’s debut solo album have slowly risen to the surface since the single “Good Day Today” was released last fall. And while that song’s “weekend shopping spree at Sephora with Dirty Vegas” vibe moves pretty far from the off-kilter, surrealist vibe of Lynch’s film and television output, its newly revealed title— Crazy Clown Time—goes even further. Of course, this is David Lynch we’re talking about, so you shouldn’t judge the collection of electro-pop by its title—if anyone can wring the “crazy” out of a clown, it’s the director of Blue Velvet and Lost Highway.

All superficial analysis aside, Pitchfork reports that Crazy Clown Time will see release in the United States on PIAS America (and Sunday Best Recordings abroad) Nov. 8, brining with it a guest vocal appearance from Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O. O appears on the track “Pinky’s Dream”—a dream which, with any luck, involves O singing backward through a vocoder while Michael J. Anderson dances somewhere nearby.