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David Lynch’s museum exhibit opens in Philadelphia

Unlike some egotistical famous people who need an entire museum to house their brilliant treasures, David Lynch’s madness can be contained in one existentially unsettling exhibit. Also, Lynch’s exhibit is actually a collection of art that he made himself, not just random crap he doesn’t have room in his house for. The show, which is titled “David Lynch: The Unified Field,” opened over the weekend at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, a school Lynch attended during the ‘60s. According to The L.A. Times, the exhibition will run until January 11, and it reportedly includes “90 paintings and drawings from 1965 to the present, as well as rarely seen works from early in his career.”

Now, we’d make some jokes about the kind of disturbing imagery David Lynch’s paintings would have, but The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts has actually saved us the trouble by releasing a video of Lynch himself walking through the show. Unsurprisingly, the video is terrifying. Can we go back to talking about George Lucas? The worst thing his museum could possibly have is a real Jar Jar Binks, and that wouldn’t be nearly as scary as this.

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