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David Lynch reviews campaign ads, decries Romney’s as “full of baloney”

Election season is filled with questions, but only the good folks over at Huffington Post had the foresight and solid judgment to ask all-American weirdo (and Louie guest star) David Lynch what he thought of campaign ads run by Obama and Romney. In a guest column on the site, Lynch reviews a Romney campaign ad that begins with a clip of Obama conceding, “There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery,” then shows a plethora of people defiantly declaring, “I am an American. Not a bump in the road.”

Lynch is not feeling this commercial. At all. He writes indignantly, “I think Romney’s commercial is a dirty lie and phony as a three dollar bill,” then explains that Obama was using symbolic language, and did not in fact mean he sees every unemployed American as a bump in the road he will crush in his mad bid to transform the United States into a socialist Muslim utopia.

Lynch praises the Obama commercial, meanwhile, for using what he refers to as “FACTS about Romney. Not made up boloney but FACTS.” Unsurprisingly, Lynch comes out in favor of Obama, rather than the candidate whose ads he considers “phony as a three dollar bill” and full of “made-up baloney.” Regardless of your political leanings, the column offers unique insight into the plain-spoken, no-nonsense views of one of our most enigmatic cultural icons.


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