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David Lynch likes the way Donald Trump has "disrupted" everything

David Lynch has built his career on bizarre films and TV shows that simultaneously become more meaningful and more confounding as you dive in deeper, but it seems like his current political leanings are annoyingly familiar. Speaking with The Guardian (via Deadline), Lynch says he voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primaries and probably voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the actual election (he doesn’t remember), but since then he’s started to realize that this Donald Trump guy might actually be doing some cool stuff.

Lynch says he’s “not really a political person,” which is a luxury that very few people are afforded these days, but he really cares about having “the freedom to do what you want to do”—an attitude that Trump perfectly embodies, though he’d like his freedom to come at the expense of others’ freedom. Lynch believes that Trump could end up being “one of the greatest presidents in history” because he has “disrupted the thing so much,” and so even if he’s not really doing a good job himself, Lynch thinks he could be opening the door for future politicians to really make a difference—possibly by also acting as petulant tyrants who imprison children and actively work to make life worse for as many people as possible.


So, to be fair, Lynch isn’t saying he’s now a red hat-wearing Trumper. He just likes the way he’s fucking everything up.

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