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David Lynch just announced he’s rejoined Showtime’s Twin Peaks

It’s been a tough couple of months for all of us. After endless teases and hints, we finally had a new Twin Peaks to look forward to, only for David Lynch to throw a backwards-talking wrench in the works by walking away from the series, supposedly due to a money dispute. It seemed as though that gum you like was going to come back in style, only instead of tasting like one of the most intriguing television shows ever, it would taste like someone other than David Lynch had made it. Even the cast didn’t want it to go forward without Lynch.

That’s no longer the case. Lynch himself just tweeted the following news:


It seems whatever financial matters that caused the director to back out of doing the show have been resolved. It’s true: we’ll actually be getting the Twin Peaks that everyone was hoping for. Unless, of course, it turns out this is merely because Bob has now occupied David Lynch—and we all know where that leads.

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