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According to The Guardian, David Lynch has announced that he’s going to be writing a memoir that will help get rid of some of the “bullshit” that’s “out there” about him. He’ll be working with journalist Kristine McKenna to accomplish this, and in true David Lynch fashion, the book won’t be a straightforward autobiography. Instead, McKenna will be interviewing “90 of the director’s friends, family, and collaborators,” and the book will “weave together” the stories they tell about knowing Lynch with Lynch’s own stories about knowing them. It will also feature Lynch “riffing on his own life,” which makes it sound like it’s less about disputing the bullshit that’s out there and more about Lynch coming up with his own bullshit, but we’re not complaining.


The book is set to be published in 2017, and we’re just hoping it comes out less terrifying than the David Lynch museum exhibit we wrote about last year. Of course, common sense dictates that absolutely nothing could possibly be as terrifying as that, but Lynch could probably out-do himself if he really tried. (Please don’t, David.)

[via Pitchfork]

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