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David Lynch is selling his own T-shirts on Amazon

Photo: Matthias Nareyek (Getty Images)

David Lynch loves making stuff. Movies are cool, but he’d much rather talk to you about the table he’s building. Lynch has also released his own line of coffee, collaborated on Twin Peaks-themed beer and skateboards, and created his own festival. His latest endeavor? T-shirts, which is wild because it’s hard to imagine the ever-dapper filmmaker ever wearing one.

Now, these aren’t just Lost Highway stills set to fabric. Lynch’s new Amazon store is filled with his own designs, each reflecting the strange, grotesque, and darkly humorous aesthetic he’s spent years cultivating through his films and artwork.


The “turkey cheese head” shirt, for example, clearly emerged from the part of Lynch’s brain also responsible for the “The Evolution of the Arm” and the Eraserhead baby.

Photo: Amazon

If that’s not weird enough, here’s some variation of that same head delivering a line that would’ve sounded right at home in the mouth of Leland Palmer.

Photo: Amazon

There are less aggressive examples, too, and even some downright spartan ones. Several of the shirts simply feature Lynch’s drawing of a particular animal, sometimes sleeping, with the name of that animal accompanying it. Would you pay $26 for that? If you love the rabbit scenes in Inland Empire as much as we do, that’s probably a yes.

Check out the full store here, and let us know if, in truly Lynchian parlance, if the T-shirts are more than they seem.


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