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David Lynch assembles appropriately bizarre compilation album

David Lynch’s surreal second career as a sentient press release continues, as the filmmaker turned budding entrepreneur has unveiled his next, still-not-a-movie project—the digital-only charity compilation Download For Good. Now available on iTunes, it boasts 33 tracks from an appropriately strange and jarring combination of artists that includes Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop, Nancy Sinatra, Tom Waits, Donovan, Ben Folds, Au Revoir Simone, Amanda Palmer, Maroon 5, Alanis Morissette, Slightly Stoopid, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Moby, and Arrested Development. Perhaps more curious than the revelation that ‘90s positivity rappers Arrested Development are still around—and in fact, released an album in 2010, as I just discovered thanks to Wikipedia, where I also learned that they were on that show Hit Me Baby One More Time that I’d completely forgotten about—is the inclusion of a track by Jakob Dylan, written by Wallflowers keyboardist Rami Jaffee, that features backing vocals from Jaffee’s girlfriend, actress Daryl Hannah. (Hannah’s last musical collaboration with a romantic partner was with Jackson Browne, before their relationship took a decidedly dark turn.) You can hear that unlikely combination below.


Anyway, all proceeds benefit the David Lynch Foundation, which aims to help at-risk inner-city youth, war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and “Native Americans, homeless adults and children, and prisoners” overcome their respective problems by giving them free lessons in transcendental meditation. So, download secure in the knowledge that you’re helping potential gang members, the homeless, and Native Americans learn how to meditate—which, as oblique as that strategy sounds, is more than most people are doing for them, at least. Here’s the full track list:

1) Ozomatli, “MONSTER”
2) Iggy Pop, “Milk Cow Blues”
3) Pink Jaffee with Jakob Dylan & Daryl Hannah, “Wont You Stay”
4) Maroon 5, “The Air I Breathe”
5) Arrested Development, “Let It Go”
6) Peter Gabriel, “Curtains”
7) Carmen Rizzo with Grant-Lee Phillips, “Bring the Mountain Down”
8) Donovan, “Listen”
9) Heather Nova, “Doubled Up”
10) Andy Summers with Geeta Novotny, “Ave Maria”
11) Dave Stewart, “Man To Man”
12) Mary Hopkin, “Gold and Silver”
13) Tom Waits, “The Briar and The Rose” (Live)
14) Ben Folds, “Wild Mountain Thyme”
15) Slightly Stoopid with Don Carlos, “Wiseman” (Live at Black Water)
16) Salman Ahmad with Valerie Geffner, “Natchoon Gi”
17) Neon Trees, “Animal” (DJs From Mars Remix)
18) Au Revoir Simone, “Boys Of Summer”
19) Alanis Morissette, “20/20”
20) Ben Lee, “Food For The Moon”
21) Waterboys, “In The Beginning Was Love”
22) Moby, “The Poison Tree”
23) The Charlatans, “The Only One I Know” (RMX with Factory Floor)
24) Julio Iglesias Jr., “Geronimo”
25) Nancy Sinatra, “End of the World" (Remix)
26) Special Beat with Pauline Black, "Nightclub" (Live)
27) Peter & Gordon, “True Love Ways” (Live)
28) Band From TV, “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free”
29) Phil Soussan, “Shot In The Dark”
30) Rodrigo y Gabriela, “Satori” (Live)
31) Patricia Kaas, “Ddicte Aux Heroines” (Remix)
32) EMIN, “All I Need Tonight”
33) Amanda Palmer, “In My Mind” (Alternative Mix)

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