Like all of the late-night talk shows, David Letterman hosts bands all the time on Late Show. But unlike other hosts, Letterman has a keen interest in the drums, specifically any set with a nicely painted or lacquered finish. The late-night host is a drummer himself, and seems totally unaffected by how awkward lead singers look when he talks to a drummer first. The CBC took note of Letterman’s perpetual interest in percussion equipment, putting together a montage of all the different drummers Letterman has made a beeline for following a band’s performance to ask, "Those your drums?" He passes right over everyone else to talk directly to drummers for The Strokes, Beach House, Guided By Voices, St. Vincent, Arctic Monkeys, TV On The Radio, and many others. (You can see the full list of bands on the CBC Music YouTube page.) He’s complimentary about setup and appearance, always sure to inquire whether the drummer owns the kit or merely rented it for the performance. And lest you think Letterman only has eyes for some nice floor toms, he inquires about other unique percussion instruments for Paul Shaffer to use, compliments Dave Grohl's guitar, and singles out French horn and saxophone players for their instruments as well.