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David Letterman maybe just said he plans on retiring in 2013

Perhaps taking a cue from old pal Regis Philbin, David Letterman casually mentioned during last night’s Late Show that he only plans on sticking around for another two years. The moment came during a talk with Howard Stern, where the radio host took the opportunity to once again wax rhapsodic on his fervent hatred for Jay Leno, and then later follow it up with a story about his recent contract battle and his chess-filled retirement fantasies. You can see for yourself in the below video around the 2:40 mark, where Stern asks Letterman how much longer he plans to stick around, to which Letterman replies, “I don’t know. Maybe two more years?”

Of course, this sort of thing has been suggested before—most recently in 2006—only to be followed by a swift denial, and naturally Letterman’s production company Worldwide Pants has already issued a response, saying that the comment just shows that “Dave and Howard are very rare entities in the world of show business in that most people leave their shows when they are told and these guys have the choice to leave their series.” So it’s possible that this is all just another tease intended specifically to taunt Craig Ferguson. [Splitsider via Vulture]


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