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David Letterman launches his own record label

Considering David Letterman (or at least, whoever does his booking) has a reputation for being ahead of the curve when it comes to booking musical guests—and he has enough money to just throw away a big chunk of it if he wants to—the news that he’s launched his own record label isn’t a total surprise. After all, Letterman’s Worldwide Pants Inc. has long been known for investing in projects no one else would, like trying to make Bonnie Hunt popular, so on that scale Clear Entertainment/C.E. Music seems like a sure bet. We’re not really sure what to make of the label’s first signee, Runner Runner, however. The Huntington Beach band traffics in a generically glossy, dance-y, vaguely emo-punk-whatever-the-fuck sound that seems tailor-made for interstitials on The Hills, and they’re not even making that show anymore. But good for Dave, we guess.

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