What with all the Sex Pistols and Led Zeppelin reunion news, you probably forgot all about the upcoming Van Halen tour, didn't you? Luckily some enterprising cameraphone-wielding folks have got you covered with a preview of what Diamond Dave and Eddie Van Something have been up to: Several of the band's special "rehearsal" performances from this past week have been leaked to the Internets, giving fans a glimpse of a band trying to crawl its way back to being a well-lubricated machine after so many years of just being well-lubricated. Best of them all is this clip where guitarist Zakk Wylde awkwardly attempts to join his heroes, only to be completely dissed by David Lee Roth (of all people) with the withering comment, "Are you in show biz? Get off the fucking stage." [Thanks to Idolator for the clip.]