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David Krumholtz is rapping now

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You may not immediately recognize the name David Krumholtz, but you almost certainly know his face. The actor has been working consistently since his early teens, appearing in such films as The Santa Clause and 10 Things I Hate About You, as well as TV shows like Freaks And Geeks, Numb3rs, and, most recently, The Plot Against America. Now, thanks to a tip from reader Tommy Humphreys, we just learned that Krumholtz is adding “rapper” to his lengthy resume. 

Using the moniker BeenGod StillGod, the actor has released two singles with his group Hemogoblin, both of which are available on YouTube and all streaming music platforms. The identities of the other members of Hemogoblin remain a mystery, as Krumholtz is the only one who appears prominently on either track. “Hollow Quality” is jazzy and verbose, reminiscent of something out of Rhymesayers Entertainment, while the latest single, “God, I Suck,” has a much more aggressive sound.

Like many debuts from actors-turned-rappers, the lyrics are knowingly self-conscious and peppered with references to his career. But, despite the occasional jokey line, this musical endeavor is no joke. Krumholtz appears to be genuine in his hip-hop pursuits and has posted several videos on his Instagram asking people to check out the songs and give him feedback. Whether fans will respond to the career pivot with equal enthusiasm remains to be seen, though, per this post, he claims to be quite big in Latvia.


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