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David Koechner stars in a chilling tale of a world where everything works like cable

A growing number of people are realizing the inherent stupidity of bundling cable channels. Why not an a la carte option where people only pay for the channels they want and actually watch? Instead of outrageous bills for networks people don’t watch, bundling could be an easier way of simply paying for the television that folks actually desire. But what if the rest of the world worked under cable’s bizarre bundling structure?

In a Twilight Zone-like twist, Funny Or Die presents a vision in which David Koechner finds himself in a world gone mad with bundling and restriction of choices. Instead of only getting what he would use, he’s faced with a barrage of unwanted options that simply confuse and eventually enrage him. And don’t even get started on waiting for repair personnel to show up. It’s a funny look at a maddening situation that everyone seems to hate, yet all have resigned to accept—at least until more apps like HBO Now become the norm.

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