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David hurts the ones he loves in deleted Legion scene

Screenshot: Legion

The first season of Noah Hawley’s Legion explored, among many, many other things, the relationship between Haller siblings David (Dan Stevens) and Amy (Katie Aselton). The former was perpetually troubled, while the latter became almost hyper-vigilant of what she originally perceived as her brother’s mood swings.

David and Amy were reunited a couple of times after being separated for years (due to his institutionalization), with their final meeting revealing the true nature of their relationship—namely, that his father, Professor X, left him in the care of Amy’s parents. Late in the first season, Amy admitted to always having been a bit frightened of her adopted brother. And in this deleted scene, we see just how justified that fear was.


In an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, we see David and Amy enjoying another visit at Clockworks. He gushes about Syd (Rachel Keller), whom he calls his “girl,” but rather than be excited for him, Amy counsels her brother not to rush into anything. “I’m just saying. You’re evening out, which is... maybe, you keep things small—flat—is the right idea.”

His older sister likely just wants to keep him from being disappointed, but David is angered by her advice, especially the idea of keeping things on an even keel. He describes his anti-psychotic meds as a bowling ball that regularly flatten him. Amy rushes off after her nose starts to bleed, at which point we jump back to Clark’s (Hamish Linklater) interrogation of David. When David says Amy was prone to nosebleeds growing up, he denies he had anything to do with them. But we now know they were another consequence of his powers—before he learned to control his abilities, David hurt his loved ones. He seems to have a better handle on them now, but we’ll see how things shake out when Legion season two premieres April 3 on FX.

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