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David Goyer sells yet another story about the alien invasion that still hasn't happened

Now that we’ve fallen out of lurve with vampires and are approaching the zombie pinnacle (or plateau)—with the official nadir of both horror genres scheduled for the premiere date of Zombies Vs. Vampires—it seems we’re officially coming back around to aliens. Recent months have seen the development of projects ranging from Skyline to Battle: Los Angeles to Fallen Skies to Oblivion to Ridley Scott’s maybe-could-happen Alien prequel, and now Deadline adds David Goyer’s Heaven’s Shadow to that ever-growing list of alien invasion stories. Goyer, who’s already done vampires, thanks, back when he did the Blade films, and is similarly surfeited on comic-book adaptations too, having worked on Superman Returns and both of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies—recently sold the film rights to his science-fiction trilogy to Warner Bros. in a seven-figure deal. Not bad, considering he and co-author Michael Cassutt (The Outer Limits, Farscape) haven’t even finished writing it yet. The plot, in Deadline’s words:

The trilogy begins when an object is discovered heading for earth. Initial panic gives way to a competition between governments to be first to intercept what they believe is a breakaway meteor. What the astronauts discover leads to an encounter with alien forces that are a threat to humanity.


Aren’t they always? Much like the promised zombie apocalypse, if Earth doesn’t engage in warfare with sinister alien invaders soon, we’re going to feel sort of ripped off. We thought this was supposed to be the future.

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