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David Gordon Green is directing some kind of Friday Night Lights reboot

Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly (Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)

The Friday Night Lights universe is about to get slightly more complicated, as Variety is reporting that David Gordon Green is in talks to direct a new “reimagining” of the series. The project will be a movie, but it will be unrelated to both the Billy Bob Thornton movie from 2004 and the critically acclaimed TV show with Kyle Chandler that it shared a name and basic premise with. Naturally, the new Friday Night Lights movie will also be a drama about a small town in Texas that’s obsessed with football, but it won’t really be “about” football so much as it is about the people in the small town. Depending on how similar it is to the TV show, there may even be a murder that nobody ever talks about.

Variety says that Universal has been considering a follow-up to the Thornton movie and a spin-off based on Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor, but again, this won’t be either of those things. We just hope they come up with a slightly different name for this, because it’s already confusing enough to see Friday Night Lights on the channel guide and not know if it’s the show or the movie.


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