Project Almanac

David Gordon Green is producing a movie about fraternity hazing, which, given Green’s eclectic resume, could mean anything from raucous R-rated comedy to sobering, understated indie drama. This particular project, called Goat, will almost certainly lean towards the latter, however, since it’s based on a memoir with the word “harrowing” right there on the cover. So hopefully Project Almanac star Virginia Gardner—also recently seen on ABC’s The Goldbergs—has the dramatic chops to back it up.

Gardner has been cast as the female lead in the film, which follows a 19-year old college student traumatized by a brutal assault who pledges a fraternity alongside his real-life brother. “What happens there,” Variety ominously teases, “in the name of ‘brotherhood,’ tests the boy and his loyalty to his brother in brutal ways.” So, just another day at the frat house. Gardner, one can only assume, will not be playing one of the invariably polo shirt-clad, Natty Light-swilling bros, but her co-stars, The Book Thief and Pride’s Ben Schnetzer and former boy-band heartthrob Nick Jonas, probably will. Andrew Neel, whose most recent feature was the selfie-based 2012 drama King Kelly, is set to direct.