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David Gordon Green floats the idea of remaking Ghoulies or Critters, take your pick

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David Gordon Green can probably make any genre flick he wants after his Halloween remake sliced and diced box offices worldwide (so far, it’s raked in nearly $253 million on a $10 million budget), but his ambitions seem to be leading him straight down the toilet. In a recent Reddit AMA, the prolific filmmaker expressed his desire to remake Ghoulies, a 1985 horror flick perhaps best known for having a VHS cover that, in its depiction of a tiny monster bursting up out of a toilet bowl, scarred no shortage of children wandering the aisles of Blockbuster.


He’s also open to remaking Critters, another (slightly more respected) ‘80s horror franchise featuring small creatures that kill you. What’s perhaps most intriguing, however, is the way he phrased his statement. I’d like to make a little Critters/Ghoulies movie,” he said, leaving open the delicious possibility that he’d like to merge the two franchises, Freddy vs. Jason-style. Regardless, he seems very interested in making a movie about tiny, silly-ass monsters, which honestly makes sense considering he just finished chronicling the murders of a 7-foot slasher.

As MovieWeb notes, he’d likely have more luck with the dormant Ghoulies franchise, as the rights to Critters are apparently on the verge of getting acquired by SyFy. And while either property seems like an odd place to pivot for the acclaimed filmmaker, it wouldn’t be an entirely unprecedented move. S. Craig Zahler, writer and director of genre hits Bone Tomahawk and Brawl In Cell Block 99, recently paid homage to the cheap horror that shaped him by helping to resurrect the Puppet Master franchise with The Littlest Reich.


Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

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