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David Fincher’s in talks to direct the World War Z-equel

"I think this is a good idea if you think this is a good idea" (Photo: Jun Sato/Getty Images)

Poor Brad Pitt—he’s been out here, trying to get his World War Z sequel made before the zombie-saturation apocalypse occurs and there’s no interest in left in the running dead. The production’s gone through some ups and downs as well as a couple of director in the last three years or so. First, Marc Forster was hearing but maybe not listening to what Pitt had to say about his second adaptation of Max Brooks’ work, so J.A. Bayona took over. But, not long after securing a new script from Utopia writer Dennis Kelly, Pitt parted ways with Bayona, who just could not commit to the high-speed schedule while finishing A Monster Calls, and answering the call to helm the Jurassic World sequel.

But that’s all in the past and maybe even for the best, as Pitt is currently talking to David Fincher about teaming up again. That’s according to Variety, which reports that Fincher might finally be coming around to the project after weeks of wooing. The Gone Girl director’s initial response was less than enthusiastic, Variety sources claim, because he’s not a fan of sequels (he has only himself and Alien 3 to blame), but negotiations are now moving forward. Pitt and Fincher have already made three movies together—Seven, Fight Club, and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button—and they were once involved in a 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea reboot, so at the very least, they seem to enjoy working with each other. Just how that collaborative spirit will bear the rigorous demands of the schedule—the film’s release date is still currently set for June 2017—remains to be seen.


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