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World War Z

Lured in by his long-time collaborator Brad Pitt, it sounds like David Fincher might soon be going from Gone Girl to gnawed flesh, with Variety reporting that the Oscar-nominated director is close to finalizing talks to direct World War Z 2.

To hear Variety tell it, the deal is less an artistic collaboration, and more one buddy helping another out; Fincher famously avoids sequels, and hasn’t filmed one since his first feature, the troubled Alien 3. But Pitt—who’s made three films with Fincher, including Se7en and Fight Club—was forced to put WWZ2 on hold in the wake of his high-profile divorce from Angelina Jolie, and has reportedly struggled to find a director to take up the project and get producers at Paramount back on board. Bringing the critically beloved Fincher—who’s been hanging out on TV of late, working on Mindhunter for Netflix—into the fold would move the project well in the direction of grabbing the studio’s green light.


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