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David Fincher may futilely attempt to improve upon Jobs

Although the definitive Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs, has been made and long since conquered the world, Aaron Sorkin has gone ahead and finished his adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s biography, Steve Jobs. Yes, it was a best-selling book that provided unmatched access to Jobs’ fascinating life, but Jobs had Ashton Kutcher, who looks like the late Apple co-founder. Although Sorkin has to live with knowing a man with no previous IMDB credits bested him, he apparently figured he might as well finish what he started, if only for his own personal satisfaction.

Seeing no shame in making a film that’s the Infamous to JobsCapote, Sony is now reportedly in talks with David Fincher to give Sorkin’s script the old college try, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Hey, the important thing is that we make something were proud of,” executives are probably telling themselves, “and have a little fun doing it.”


THR characterizes the Fincher situation as being in “early talks,” just spit-balling some ideas that can’t match Jobs’ many exposition-substituting montages, but the whole thing could end with the realization that Jobs casts too great a shadow, even if it’d be a lot of fun to reunite the team behind The Social Network. No one remembers the second man to step foot on the moon.

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