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Less than two weeks after casting Tyler Ross (The Killing) as the lead in his new HBO comedy Living On Video, David Fincher has switched to Charlie Rowe (Red Band Society). Rowe will play the role of Robby, a wide-eyed kid who comes to Hollywood in 1983 with dreams of directing a sci-fi epic and scores a job as a PA for a company making music videos. Fincher got his own start working on videos for Paula Abdul, Billy Idol, and Madonna, so reports that the show will be “in the vein of Entourage” suggest he may incorporate aspects of his own experiences into the comedy like some sort of Mark Wahlberg.


For now, other cast members include Sam Page (House Of Cards) as a meteorologist trying to transition into game show hosting, as well as Jason Flemyng, Kerry Condon, and Elizabeth Lail. In lieu of a pilot, Fincher is shooting two episodes of the series, written by Rich Wilkes and Bob Stephenson, up front. It’s still too early to say who could fill out any respective E, Drama, or Turtle-like roles, but Hollywood egos, nudity, and casual drug use should find their way in regardless of who acts them out.

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