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David Fincher and M. Night Shyamalan now have something in common

We won’t know until after the Friday release of Devil whether MRC’s production deal with M. Night Shyamalan—where the director will lend the, let’s just call it “prestige” of his name and abandoned script ideas to a series of horror films under the banner The Night Chronicles—will prove to be a successful venture, but the company is already moving forward on a similar arrangement with David Fincher. The Zodiac and Se7en director will likely produce kindred crime thrillers under the deal, which thus far includes a guaranteed two pictures. Of course, unlike Shyamalan, Fincher has comparatively little to lose by branching out: His next film, The Social Network, has already been declared both a hit and an Oscar contender by anxious industry soothsayers, and he’ll follow that with an adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which—unless he decides to do it in Claymation or something—also seems like a surefire success. All that remains is for Fincher to come up with a similarly catchy name for his imprint. Fincher’s Follies? Fincher’s Fucked-Up Fables?


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