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David Fincher and Gillian Flynn to collaborate again on HBO's Utopia

With David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel Gone Girl not yet in theaters, the two have already set up their next collaboration. As it stands, the two have already worked together far more closely than the typical director-author relationship, as Flynn has rewritten the controversial ending of her book for Fincher, to give the film version an additional twist. And now—flush with success after adapting British series House Of Cards for Netflix—Fincher is adapting another UK import, Utopia, for HBO, with Flynn on board as writer. Utopia is a conspiracy thriller about a group that believes an obscure cult graphic novel holds untold secrets, and the shadowy agency that tries to stop them from unlocking those secrets. Utopia's first UK season ran on Channel 4 last January, and a second series is set to air later this year.


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