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David Eckstein filmed a very inside baseball ad for the fake law firm from Parks And Recreation

Anyone who's both a baseball fan and a Parks And Recreation viewer may pick up on a few Easter eggs within the show from time to time. Creator Michael Shur and writer Alan Yang formerly ran the dearly departed but not forgotten baseball blog Fire Joe Morgan, and Schur still dips into his sports fanaticism every now and again, appearing on Hang Up And Listen this past summer.

Last week’s episode of Parks honored that tradition with a rather brilliant passing nod to the baseball commentary Schur and Yang became known for outside their comedy writing. The law firm that Ben takes Ron Swanson to in order to prepare an actual will is named for the sabermetric instruments BABIP, PECOTA, and VORP, as well as the scrappy, statistics-defying career of David Eckstein. Now Eckstein has committed to the joke, filming a Bob Loblaw-esque commercial for the firm. And he’s got a message for any doubters crying for empirical measurements of the firm's success like number of cases won: “Well I have a number for you: four. It’s the number of chambers in the best law book money can buy: my heart.” Excuse us while we prep a spec script on a minor league baseball team near Pawnee.


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