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David E. Kelley working on new Wonder Woman TV series

Deadline reports that David E. Kelley will write and produce a new live-action TV series based on Wonder Woman, the Amazonian warrior turned superhero who most recently received a total overhaul via a new origin timeline and a smart little Forever 21 bolero jacket. There’s no word yet on whether that update will factor into how Kelley will approach the world’s most famous female superhero, but he does plan on offering a “contemporary take,” which suggests that a bit of soul-searching about the burden of power is in, and invisible jets and ropes that make you tell the truth are probably out. Also, she'll probably wear pants.

Of course, Kelley’s also got a yen for zaniness that could translate to a bit of winking postmodernism—and of course, he previously ruined feminism for everyone with Ally McBeal—so we wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being a somewhat irreverent take on the character. Which may be the best route, actually: Outside of the new Nikita, female-driven action series haven’t fared all that well (Bionic Woman and Dollhouse the most recent examples), and even Joss Whedon, bard of the dominant woman fantasy, couldn’t get a big-screen version of Wonder Woman off the ground. Strange as it seems, Kelley may have more luck playing this one for laughs.


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