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David E. Kelley finds his new Wonder Woman

David E. Kelley has settled on the actress he believes can balance the Beyoncé-scored battles, boardroom meetings, and Ben & Jerry’s pajama jammy-jams required to bring his thoroughly modern Wonder Woman to life. It’s Adrianne Palicki, best known as the feisty, fickle Tyra from Friday Night Lights (and perhaps for birthing the savior of mankind in Legion), and an actress whose post-FNL career has become something of a epic journey in itself, seeing as her two would-be breakout roles—starring in Fox’s Lone Star and the big-screen remake of Red Dawn—were both swiftly canceled or indefinitely shelved. But throughout it all Palicki has persevered, which makes her casting sort of bittersweet, as Wonder Woman sounds kind of terrible. However, Palicki at least gives us a reason to root for it.


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