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David Duchovny also hopes to return to Twin Peaks

With Twin Peaks returning in 2016 and Fox “in talks” about bringing The X-Files back, David Duchovny could be reprising two of the best roles of ’90s television. In an interview for the L.A. Times, Duchovny touched briefly on both shows’ chances for revival: “I would bet on it if I were you. I think Twin Peaks is happening for sure. I hope my character comes back, I think she does. And then X-Files—Fox made some kind of shadowy announcement last week. Certainly, something’s happening. Something’s brewing. It’s like the Eagles’ greatest hits tour… by me.”

In Twin Peaks, Duchovny played Denise Bryson, the DEA agent who brought flavor and surprisingly progressive treatment of transgender people to the second season of Twin Peaks. If both Bryson and X-Files’ Fox Mulder return, perhaps next in line is Duchovny’s narrator character from Red Shoe Diaries?

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