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David Cross, Will Arnett, and Mitch Hurwitz to reunite for Running Wilde

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Cross has joined the cast of Fox’s forthcoming Running Wilde as a series regular, which will reunite him with Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, producer Jim Vallely, and Will Arnett. Cross will reportedly play a “radical environmentalist” who’s spent several years living in the Amazon with his similarly tree-hugging fiancée Keri Russell—which makes him a direct foil to Arnett’s wealthy Beverly Hills dickhole, whose romantic pursuit of Russell is the show’s central conceit. Cross is replacing Eastbound And Down's Andrew Daly, who stood in for Cross on the original pilot after a certain Icelandic volcano interfered with Cross' participation; Daly issued a response to the THR article noting that "it makes it sound like I got shit-canned," since it makes an implicit link between Cross' casting and the abysmal word of mouth that the pilot received, but said it was always Hurwitz and Arnett's intention to have Cross play the part. (Daly also notes that he'll be starring in NBC's new Curb Your Enthusiasm-like The Paul Reiser Show, so don't worry about him.)

Hey Fox, are you sure you don't want to just pick up The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret instead? It's got all the Arnett-Crossness you're looking for, and it doesn't have a title that sounds totally fake, like it was created for one of those industry satire movies about a disgraced actor who's forced to star in a sitcom opposite a house full of poo-flinging zoo animals.

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