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David Cross will also be on Community this season

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As reported by Vulture, David Cross has now been added to the cast of the fifth season of Community, the NBC sitcom about a small community college that, like so many community colleges, is always filled to the brim with famous people. While it seems reasonable to expect that at least some of those many guest stars promised this season will have to be relegated to fairly minor roles—say, popping out of a locker to offer a quick one-liner, a la You Can’t Do That On Television—Cross actually plays a fairly major, arguably spoiler-y part, for those sensitive to such things: His episode is a sequel to the beloved “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons,” with Cross playing the “bitterly estranged” son of Jonathan Banks’ Professor Hickey, one who joins in on “at the very least, the second most important game of Dungeons & Dragons ever.” As Cross told us last year, he thinks Community is the “best comedy on TV, hands down” (at least, when Dan Harmon is involved), so this seems like a natural and inevitable pairing, much like Community and any entertainer you enjoy.


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