Photo: Saeed Adyani (Getty Images)

Like the Bluth family itself, Arrested Development has proven surprisingly hard to destroy over the years. For a while there, it kind of looked like no number of huge mistakesā€”Fox canceling it, massive delays between seasons, that god-awful and embarrassingĀ New York Times interviewā€”could stop the series from popping back up whenever the starsā€™s schedules were properly aligned. But now, David Cross has dropped the motherboy of dire AD pronouncements, saying that he thinks the series might have blued itself for the final time.

This is per an episode of the Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast that Cross recently appeared on, in which he noted that ā€œIā€™ve learned to say ā€˜never say never,ā€™ but I canā€™t see it happening again,ā€ when asked about the shooting a sixth season of the show. (Somehow, he resisted the urge to drop a ā€œnever say nevernudeā€ joke in there, because heā€™s a stronger man than us.)


To be clear, that doesnā€™t mean there arenā€™t any new episodes of the show left; although the entire fifth season has reportedly been shot, Netflix is still holding on to the last eight episodes to release some time next year. But while Cross didnā€™t get into the specifics of why he doesnā€™t think thereā€™s any money left in this particular banana stand, he did sound pretty definitive on that score.

[via Indie Wire]