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David Cross starts getting your hopes up for even more Arrested Development episodes, for old time's sake

Just as you had resigned yourself to accepting that Arrested Development really will return for 10 new episodes, based on vague yet overwhelming photographic proof and late-night threatening phone calls from a clearly drunk Ron Howard, here is David Cross to return you to the more familiar feeling of desperately getting your hopes up for more than you already have. "I think it's going to be 13 episodes, not 10," Cross tells Rolling Stone, his reasoning being that "there's too much story" and averring of its layered construction, "This makes Lost look like a Spalding Gray monologue." (Even though, given its meandering and neurotically self-involved nature, we're pretty sure Lost already was a Spalding Gray monologue.) Presumably, Cross also believes that everyone was getting too comfortable with being satisfied with 10 episodes, and that's simply no way for an Arrested Development fan to live. Of course, that's just Cross saying this, not Netflix, so much like Arrested Development news of yore, take it with a grain of salt, then allow that salt to spark Proustian memories of when we were all younger and a fourth season of Arrested Development was just a dream.


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