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David Cross lends his voice to a ham sandwich in refrigerator survival short film

Dave Green’s stop-motion/puppet short “Meltdown” gives leftovers in the fridge a dose of Toy Story-level anthropomorphization, pitting the inanimate foods against a refrigerator on the fritz that’s icing over all the food items one by one.­ Celery is the jaded, hopeless old-timer, Milk the peppy one, and other items like butter, fruit preserves, and spaghetti round out the gang of oppressed cliches.The best role goes to Arrested Development and Mr. Show favorite David Cross, who voices the ham sandwich and fearless leader that gets the Janet Leigh-in-Psycho treatment, relegated to a glorified cameo that still works brilliantly.

MELTDOWN from Dave Green on Vimeo.


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