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David Cross is pretty much guaranteeing there’ll be more With Bob And David

With Bob And David

When With Bob And David premiered on Netflix last year, it seemed like a minor comedy miracle. In everything but the name, the series was a revival of beloved HBO sketch comedy program Mr. Show, with creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross reuniting with each other and a lot of the people who worked on the old show. Of course, asking for a second miracle—in the form of another season of With Bob And David—would just be absurdly greedy, so nobody should ever do that. Thankfully, though, nobody has to ask for it, because David Cross is already promising there’ll be another season.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Cross said that both and he Odenkirk “really want to do another round” of the sketch show—“if not several more rounds.” The biggest holdup is Odenkirk’s schedule, which apparently only gives him a “short window” when he’s not filming Better Call Saul. However, Cross says that Netflix “would be happy” to do another season, so if they can find a time to do it, then he “can pretty much guarantee” that it’ll happen. Presumably that means we can take it up with him if Netflix doesn’t make more episodes of With Bob And David.


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