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These days, it seems like we’re all that lady from The Onion’s post-9/11 issue, baking American-flag cakes for lack of anything more productive to do. Where do we place our anger? What’s the best use of our time and resources? Given the lack of any prescriptive answer to the problem, we’re all casting about in the hopes of doing something positive. David Cross is no exception, though he seems to have landed on an option that seems like it will pay dividends all around.

In a blog post titled “I Know… I Can’t Believe it Either” published on his official website yesterday, the self-professed “New York Hollywood liberal atheist Jew” reflects queasily upon the dismissive tenor he used while discussing the now-President-Elect in his latest comedy special Making America Great Again! “I taped the Netflix special back in April when Trump was still a harmless punchline (it is painful and I cringe now seeing me cross my fingers and say, ‘Trump please’ when talking about who might be the Republican nominee).” Clearly haunted by that joke—as well as the specter or the coming four-to-eight years—Cross resolved to use that comedy special as a conduit for something that will actually make America great again.


From now until December 26, all profits from Making America Great Again!’s CD sales will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. “I mean the full retail price,” he explains. “I’m going to cover all the other costs.“ On top of that, he’s going to match every bit of that ACLU money dollar for dollar. “So if we raise $5,000 on these CDs, I’m donating $5,000 more of my own money for a total of $10,000,” he says. “If we raise $10,000 on the CDs, I’ll match another $10,000 for a total of $20,000. If we make $100,000 on the CDs, then I’ll ask people I know who are rich to help with that match. Maybe Scott Baio or The Nuge?“

In an unusually earnest block of writing, the 52-year-old comedian expounded upon his rationale for this undertaking.

I really believe in America and thus, believe that we can get through this. But it’s going to be a nasty next few years to say the least. And we have to look out for each other- particularly those who can’t look out for themselves or who are at the highest risk for the kinds of awfulness we’ve gotten just a small taste of so far this week. The ACLU is a service that is going to be needed by so many very, very soon. Muslims, the LGBT community, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, journalists, women, Sikhs, Native Americans, African Americans, the list goes on and on unfortunately. And to be sure, it’s not just the above that will be needing the ACLU’s help, it’s also anyone seen supporting these folks with love, respect, and tolerance. Because that’s what truly galls these people, (sometimes spurring them to violence). It’s that faggot, cuck, SJW, liberal, girly idea of tolerance and civility. It’s…empathy. Empathy makes their blood boil.


So, if you were thinking about either donating to the ACLU or buying Cross’s new CD (or both), this seems like a win-win-win situation. You get a CD, the ACLU gets some much-needed funding, and David Cross gets to jab his thumb into the eye of our incoming President.

[via David Cross]