David Cronenberg is getting into the animation game. Perhaps running low on pieces of metal that he can shape into horrifying medical instruments, the director is instead turning his attention to an award-winning short film. Dread Central reports the Canadian auteur is planning to adapt Foxed!, a dark little animated short that has just been made available to watch for free online.

Closer in tone to Coraline than a Pixar flick—and frankly, a lot darker than even that would suggest—the short manages to be genuinely creepy and tell a complete story in just a few minutes, while leaving plenty of questions for a much longer narrative. Questions like, “Does David Cronenberg watch a lot of animated shorts?,” and “What do you think the faucet handles in his house look like? Probably totally insane, right? Like, they’re shaped like vagina dentata or something, yeah?” Oh, but also some questions about Foxed!, as well. It’s a legitimately smart and effective short, and we don’t doubt Cronenberg will do something interesting with it, probably involving man’s sexual obsession with machinery.