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For a man whose career spans over 50 years and is synonymous with constantly changing his persona, his style, and his genre of music, you’d think it would be hard to streamline the life and times of David Bowie. And yet, Will Tribble has found a way to do that all in under a minute and with only one take no less. From his early mod days all the way up to the present—with detours in glam rock, acting, and an extended stay in the land of cocaine—Tribble is able to successfully and impressively encapsulate the prolific entertainer’s career.


The video has a fun DIY attitude and its constraints mean that some short shrift is given to later works, but it still remains an informative and fun video that checks off a list of landmarks in an impressive life. We will say that the clip’s failure to include his role in the “Dancing In The Street” video is a bit of revisionist history, though. Never forget nor forgive that atrocity, people.

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