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David Bowie’s Blackstar artwork has even more hidden secrets

(Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, we reported on a surprise hidden in the album art for David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar, an image of a starfield that only appears when the album’s gatefold is exposed to sunlight. Now, Spin has published a round-up of even more little secrets hidden in the album, easter eggs that fans are still teasing out after being goaded on by a previously noted comment from designer Jonathan Barnbrook, who said that there was still at least “one big thing” hidden in the album that hadn’t been found.

Barnbrook’s statement may or may not be referring to a reflection—visible here—which is produced when the vinyl itself is exposed to light. Fans are torn on whether the shape shown is a star, a bird, or a spaceship, but the reflection definitely appears to be deliberate. Meanwhile, other fans have also noticed that the stars on the front cover spell out Bowie’s name, and that the inside cover reacts to a blacklight. Some other guesses feel more like reaching—the track list, for instance, is written in a font called Terminal, from a design suite called Lazarus—but there’s something oddly fitting about fans still poring over Bowie’s enigmatic intent, ten months after his death.


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